Meeroos and meditation

A good friend of mine, the artist ArtWolf Eternal, gave me a landmark in SL the other day. If you want to experience something interesting or beautyful she is your guide :) And she knew i needed some healing so this was just the right place for me. The sim is called Dark moon. I started with some meditation. The sim is an explosion in colours. Its refreshing and I felt inspired.

When I was finished meditate i climbed a hill. Up on the hill I got a major chock. Meeroos!! Gosh! And I didnt even bring my Meeroo spear, and no BBG equipment *facepalms* I hope Miso dont read this….

When i was standing, stunned, looking at those Meeroos live for the first time in my virtual life (true!) the ravishing sim owner, Nepherses Amat, came and greeted me. Just in time before I got any bad ideas regarding those meeroos…

She told me about the sim, that is was a full eco system. She also had a lot of soror nishis stuff on the sim. The sim is inspired by sorors work. She said she wanted to show it off and she really wanted soror to stay in SL, she was concerned that soror would leave for inWorldz or some other grid.

She also told me the Meeroos seemed to like the highlands most but otherwise the sim is mostly a bog. And there were some pretty big mouthed hippos in that bog I can tell u…

When you land on the sim take the notecard from the welcome stone. Its full of interesting information. Also take a look in HER BLOG [LINK], its full of nice pictures.

Othello Roffo Meeroo whispers:  – will you please pick me up and snuggle me?

– Well I could pick u up and….Suddenly I felt hungry, I must have a…. steak or something! But when i looked at that dragon watching over those juicy, i mean cuddly meeroos I decided to TP home and take a sandwich instead :]

Thanks a lot Nepherses for your kindness and for I had the privilege to visit your awesome sim!

My pictures dont do the sim justice, you have to see it with your own eyes;


(And its also a perfect place for your virtual date <3)


2 Comments to “Meeroos and meditation”

  1. Thanky kindly, Vesper! It was a pleasure to meet you, and I am always happy to have guests on Dark Moon. For those of you who have the option, the windlight is set to AM Radio’s Nostaglia too!

    • @Nephersis; thanks! I have no clue about windlight settings. Im not used to that V3 interface…. sorry i guess my pictures are with wrong windlights. I have to look into this =)

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