“Don’t let it run too deep”

Tranq said something wise today in Twitter and by that he triggered us to do something nice instead of being boring/autumn depressed:

Tranquillity Dexler
TranquillityIW  Tranquillity Dexler:
 I’m seeing a lot of autumn blues lately. Don’t let it run too deep. Make sure you take the time you need to find happiness.
Then he said:
Tranquillity Dexler
TranquillityIWTranquillity Dexler

@MeraKranfel @wizardgynoid @misosusanowa During autumn I always think of sitting with friends around the camp fire
That was the trigger we needed!
We often arrange meetings via Twitter like this.  You can reach out to a lot of people this way in a short time. Its really awesome. And this was what we all needed. Thanks Tranq, u mind reader <3 Sven just wrote about Virtual autumn depression in HIS BLOG (in swedish, translate with google) and I think he has a point. I have also noticed that virtual worlds are slower right now. And i feel slow myself too :) But if we do things like this together we can fight it =)
(And Wiz was roasting a Meeroo! Yummie!! Ppl came and went and I dont have all on pic sorry to say!)
Have a really nice day and see you soon by the campfire!

Noobzilla was attending our meeting for a while


2 Comments to ““Don’t let it run too deep””

  1. funny you say that. I always find that VRs come more alive when autum/winter is uppon us.

    Besides that, the campfire was worth skipping breakfast for :)

    Merroo roasting was non of my doing FYI :P

    • @Lady; someone said in Svens blog that virtual world blogs are slow in september and the number of readers increases from october to peak in December. I dont know if its true but that maybee mirror how much time we spend here and when?

      Yes it was really nice and no calorie breakfast today :P

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