Dragged in the hair back to Midsomer

Leanna Caerndow
Leanna_IW I want to yell at someone. Any volunteers?
Mera Kranfel
MeraKranfel @Leanna_IW of course, Im always at your service :]
Leanna Caerndow
Leanna_IW @MeraKranfel HIIIII! *crashtacklehugs* Only yelling at you if you spend too much time in SL ;P
Mera Kranfel
MeraKranfel @Leanna_IW GOD! *running back to #inWorldz  *high speed* “O_O”
Leanna Caerndow
Mera Kranfel
MeraKranfel @Leanna_IW – looking behind my back. Anyone from PETOF around? >.>
*PETOF – people for ethical treatment of fay and pixies, founded by Miso Susanowa (and Leanna?)
Yes I went back and rented a parcel in Midsomer County InWorldz. What other options did I have? Leanna with PETOF behind her is an excellent sales woman. I choosed the “Romantic park” of course. Suitable for a sappy romantic.  ;) There are still nice parcels left, size 4096 sqm. Grab one before its too late!

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