The riddle at Thetys

By chanse I came to the sim Tethys today to look at the huge mountains and explore the monastery.

Prokofy Neva has built it and the sim, or sims around, has some of the highest mountains in Second Life. Earlier in SL history it was possible to terraform mountains like this. Now its a limited feature and only a small number of old sims has this feature left.

I discovered I could make a potion in the monastery. I decided to make a healing potion for my friend AlexHayden who is very sick at the moment. You have to mix all the ingredients right to get the potion.

So I tried it out and success! So now I have sent it to him, with my healing thoughts to go with it <3

When I was finished the talented creator behind all this, Prokofy Neva, emerged. Prok lured me to fall down the basement among a lot of skulls and I found a huge door. To pass that door I had to solve a riddle. Swedish as I am and a bit blonde (irl) too I immediately got into trouble.

–  Prokofy Neva: you have to guesss the word
–  Vesper Kling: Well that must be impossible – im blank :O)
–  Prokofy Neva: click the bottle for a hint
–  Vesper Kling: Linden Lab
–  Prokofy Neva: hahaha good guess
–  Gate Keeper: Speak the Arcane Word(s) and thou shall pass..
–  Prokofy Neva: but keep trying
–  Vesper Kling: i will stand here til i have to drink that potion myself =O
–  Gate Keeper: Speak the Arcane Word(s) and thou shall pass..
–  Vesper Kling: gosh i feel daft
–  Vesper Kling: not that easy as im swedish also :P
–  Prokofy Neva: excuses, excuses!
–  Vesper Kling: lol

It was a bit embarrassing but I came back later and tried again with no result! The answer is right in front of  you Prok said smirking while I was sweating. – I couldnt do it more obvious…. GOSH! Please go there and help me solve this, or I´ll loose it! “O_O”

But in the same room there was a treasure. I found a precious egg! Took it home and waited while it hatched. omg it was exciting to wait. And inside the egg….

I wont tell you what it was but it was a very very nice gift indeed I assure you. And I got to name it. Next riddle, what name did I give it you think? It obvious, right in front of you ;)

Thanks a lot Prok for this experience and the nice chat we had, its a truly great place!

SLurl: Thaddeus Monastery

Besides the riddle and stuff there is a lot of interesting things to explore on these old sims. There is a group called SL public land preserve: “To preserve SL wilderness and beautiful builds for the enjoyment of the general public. ” Its a good cause i think.
Read the notecard you can get outside the Monastery about preservation of old places in SL with landmarks in it.

tc and have a nice weekend


2 Comments to “The riddle at Thetys”

  1. Hi, thanks for your nice write-up! The SL Public Land Preserve has lots to offer and I hope more people will come and enjoy it!

    I’m not the creator of these wonderful objects here in Tethys, just the developer.

    The cauldron is made by RumbleR Boa
    You can get it here:

    I’ve added a lot of customized potions to mine.

    A lot of the other sorcerer’s items are made by Zachh Barkley, and the flaming skulls are by Inky Jedsky.

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