A lover in the labyrinth

In Second life I had a psychedelic experience the other day. I had a feever irl and was a bit affected by that too so it added to the experience :P I went to Alice in Wonderland and fell down the rabbit hole. I got the link from the startscreen wich is a lot better than earlier. SLURL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mozart/100/244/662

And if you have read the fairy tale you know what to do when you land on the table. You have to get the key! But to get it you have to eat the cake…

But then you get too big to enter through the door…. what to do??

When u have solved the problem with the door you enter a wonderful garden.

But you are not alone, the Cheshire cat is watching you.

In the garden you will find a lot of stuff. For example you can rent a huge mushroom cheap and live in the mushroom for a week. 50 prims of you own for 100 LD :) Then there is a trail to the Queens castle, chess games and a labyrith with a treasure in the middle. Use mouse look for fun! The doors is for TP!

This is very well created all of it and I am impressed. This is my idea of virtual worlds. Escape from reality for a while, with friends or alone and have some fun. Its a lot more interactive that watching television thats for sure….And afterwards you can go back to reality, refreshed I hope <3  Have fun now! Hugss!

DS. So i shouldnt forget i was in SL i got this IM from a total stranger when i was in the labyrint. When u read this, remember this was his first (and last!) words to me:

[23:34] mrX: i love you
[23:35] Vesper Kling: thanks but no thanks

Big time LOL! I almost forgot how it felt, i have been inWorldz <3 too long! It took me less than 30 sec to shake him off me. Who knows, he might still be in that labyrinth searching for love #romantic… *snickers*  :D


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