Hard disk melt down

This is what happens if you dont vacuum clean your computer more often! It was 3 month since last time for me, yes I schedule it. But even then the filter looks like this! And u know what happen when it looks like this? It gets too hot and start to lag! Ouch. This could be my brain. You have to treat yourself good too, not only the computer. And I havent vacuum cleaned me brain for years… So it has start to overheat and I get major memory blackouts now. I cant even handle my private mail anymore and I forget passwords and names all the time…

I have had RL problems since about 2 years now and it has been worse and worse. Still I need my fairytale, now more than ever, so ill stay in my virtual worlds but with less “i just have to…”.

Thats why I avoid responsibility for a while and try to lie low instead. I feel stressed out and irritable so its maybee best to avoid me ;) No just kidding, I need real friends now more than ever, but i wont maybee be that easy going as usual <3 Still im quite good at playing sane :P

Lady and Leanna takes care of Midsomer and I will come back, but at the moment I feel a bit awkward so I will avoid my former sim for a while. Im sure thats for the best so they can work in peace with it. ATM Im unable to handle stress. Stress for me now is almost everything that requires me to do anything… My stress threshold is extremely low right now so If i sound irritated its because i cant handle the situation, not because of you.

So dont feel sorry for me, we all gets into situations like this now and then. To avoid “aaarghhh!! boring Mera is whining again, we have to comfort her” I have deactivated comments on this post. Kiss me next time we meet instead and save your prayers for my dear friend Alex Walking with avatars  :´(

Hugsss <3

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