Party with POL Arida at Carla´s place inWorldz

Carla the dazzling hostess

This friday Carla had a party for her best friends Pattisue and Buddy who celebrated 3 years together <3

Buddy and Pattisue

Carla treated us with the brilliant singer POL Arida! He has a wonderful voice and after that the fab DJ Leslie Kling.

POL Arida

Kandinsky Beaumont and Apmel came all the way from SL including some other guests to celebrate with us and enjoy POL. Thank a lot u took your time to visit, we really appreciate it <3

Apmel left and Kandinsky in front

Kandi and I had a really nice time before the party. We were all over the grid hunting for dresses. But it was also a bit of a mess when Kandi was so unfortunate she twice bought dresses that missed items in the box =( Im sorry Kandi that was no good PR for InWorldz merchants. Still I had a great time shopping with you Kandi and i hope to see more of you here (and in OsGrid, as we are neighbours there =))


Leanna looked exquisit as usual. I felt really sorry for her BF who missed this! GOD Bradd u have to shape up! I know Vesper is keeping an eye on the situation and u have to watch Leanna otherwise…..u may end up as a eunuck *snip snip* as Captain Jack Sparrow would have put it  ;)

Carlas party

Thanks a lot Carla for a great party!! Huggs!!


3 Comments to “Party with POL Arida at Carla´s place inWorldz”

  1. Crikey! Another party I missed :/
    Unfortunately RL issues had to be addressed hence the absence.

  2. I was glad to see that I also can listen to Pol Inworldz! It was once Milli who tipped me about him but it seems Carla had heard him far earlier than I.

    Thank you Carla and sorry I could not stay very long!

  3. Bradd; Yes I can feel your pain missing a date with such a lovely lady as Lea, and also miss a grand party at the same time <3

    Kandi; Yes it was nice! See you soon again I hope!

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