Midsomer is safe!!!

But this guy wasnt safe…. I will soon have more news about Midsomer but the sim will remain in inWorldz!! All renters can keep their places <3<3<3 im so happy now. I just had to tell u this :´)

GOD! Someone is willing to take my strange sim! (The pic is from todays chat, a typical Midsomer situation, cinnamon rolls and a dead body ;)

Hugs and kisses!! //Mera


5 Comments to “Midsomer is safe!!!”

  1. That’s a warning: Look what happened to the last guy who tried to nick our cinnamon rolls

    • Oh I thought it was PETOFs* revenge on your last victim Leanna? And you wanted Vesper to “get it” :P
      *people for the ethical treatment of fae and pixie

  2. Good thing I left for the sandbox REAL quick!

  3. HOOOOORAY MIDSOMER IS SAFE!!! This is great news! Whooooohooo! *dances -very very carefully- around the gory table and hugs Mera and Leanna!*

  4. Apmel; Better safe than sorry yes ;)

    Boudica; Yay!! Im so happy i could die as i wrote in Twitter, and its a relief Midsomer got saved!!! xxxxxxxx

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