Midsomer County needs a new owner

Yes Its time for me to move on. I have too much do deal with irl to be able to give the sim and all my renters the time they need. I have been slightly depressed for a long while now and that has taken too much energy so now i feel drained. Im sorry cos i know my renters love the sim and wants to stay so I hope to find someone who is willing to continue to take care of the sim. If not, im afraid I have to close it permanently.

We have a lovely community on the scandinavian/fairytale themed sim and I hope that will continue. We have had so much fun! <3

The sim is fairly well known in inWorldz so It shouldnt be hard to find more renters. The blog might suffer too im afraid as it has the last weeks. I need passion to write and I dont have that now. Still there might be one or two blog posts now and then, you never know.

I will miss it so much i dont find words to describe it. But after a long while of struggling with my rl and other stuff I decided I need to do this for my own sake. I will not move to another world and not leave inWorldz. But I cant manage a sim by my own anymore. I hope you understand that. If you are interested in the sim, please Im me. One lady is already thinking about taking over but she is not sure yet so I have to try to find a back up for my renters sake. But dont feel sorry for me. I have lived my dream here for more than a year. I have had the opportunity to build my community and dream home and I have had a lot of adventures here. I will probably leave the sim last of september after owning it one wonderful year and two months.

Hugs and kisses!! //Mera


14 Comments to “Midsomer County needs a new owner”

  1. Take care of yourself Mera…..That’s what is important!

  2. *stor kram*
    Midsomer är verkligen en dröm, tack för allt min svenska pixie <3
    Du har alltid ett hem i IW, har alltid plats för dig.
    Äventyret fortsätter!

  3. Mera, I am disappointed to hear that you are leaving–i think you have one of the more outstanding sims on the grid–if you can find a way to stay, I hope that you do reconsider–life without you will be this grid’s loss.

  4. Depressions comes and goes but sometimes they become a little deeper. I hope to find moments “in sync” even if you are not active as a landlord.

  5. John; you and Bebe are the sweetest couple ever, god im not worthy of your kind words!! lubs u <3<3<3
    Im working on a solution and I really hope to find someone to take the sim as it is more or less…

    Sven; Yes, well not that deep but it takes energy from me and prevents me to be creative… I hope so too! And if i find a solution, maybee I can talk u into staying in your little house? You know i have a sofa in the harbour… ;) <3

  6. Oh mera :(.. LOve ya and your sim.. I may be ok with your sim absence.. but not yours.. Login atleast to keep an eye on your babygirl!.. Mwaaaahhhhhhhh…Squishies..

  7. Sooooo sad! :'( It is understandable though… when depressions sap our energy, it’s time to move with the flow, or find a new flow.. until our energies return. So many beautiful wonderful friends come and go through our lives, brightening our lives and our worlds. You are one in a million Mera… you are the sun on a summer’s day… and a Midsomer without Mera…. is…. just…. Mid. Oh – I know it’s a community of some really amazing and talented people. It’s just so *hard* to imagine it without you. It’s so hard to imagine Inworldz, without Midsomer! I hope there’s a way to keep it alive….

    John is right… Midsomer is one of the more outstanding sims on the grid, and a place where so many of my own friendships and fondest memories were born.

    Fear not though… whatever happens… no matter what…. Midsomer will live on in our hearts and memories, because of what *you* made it. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and creativity with us Mera. You’ve made such a difference in the world around you!

    What Leanna said….. *stor kram*


    • Boudica; GOD! I dont find words, you are so kind <3<3<3 I feel the same, i have found such amazing friends thanks to Midsomer. Midsomer is just a sim among other sims. There are zillions of sims more amazing when it comes to building. But the community spirit is the special thing about Midsomer… And I miss you a lot! xxxxxxxx

  8. Take care of yourself Mera *hug*

  9. I love how Bou always finds the right words to say <3

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