SL® ArtsParks: Floral Tribute

I have a renter in Midsomer County inWorldz, Maeve Eiren, who has created a marvellous place in her corner of the sim. She also has a place in SL and its also like a fairy tale. “Do we really want SL to look like RL? Or can we imagine someting more fabulous, with the tools and capabilities here?”

Read on in this fab blog: SL® ArtsParks: Floral Tribute

A lot of soror nishis stuff is located in inWorldz nowadays, at the sim Rainbow Country. Welcome and explore!

I am so fortunate to have such lovely renters as I have in Midsomer <3<3<3

Hugss you all! xxxxxxxxx


3 Comments to “SL® ArtsParks: Floral Tribute”

  1. I would say both Mera. Sometimes its fun to go to a regions build to simulate RL places and sometimes its fun to go to those out of this world spaced out fantasy places :) That is what Virtual Worlds are for IMO to create what ever tickles your fancy :)

  2. Yep, Maeve is a very talented home maker, lucky for me she likes my stuff too… :))

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