Stings like a bee

The honeybees are killing my sim again! *insert theme music from Jaws here* One of my renters have had honeybees for a while. And I have had major lag problems with my sim. But tech department inWorldz found out there was a bug that triggered the sim to send out a lot of information regarding those bees and that caused the lagg. It was a well known Opensim bugg. The bee script was fine they said so no shadow on the bees. The bug got fixed and all was fine for a while but now we experience trouble again. My sim seems to have some kind of bee allergy?? Others seems to be cool with those bees *sniff*

But the bees are beautyful! They also has a scripted hive. You can find them at talented John Mahoganys place Shenandoah. Shenandoah beekeeper kit v5:  He has a lot of wonderful animals and you can find many of them in Midsomer <3 Cats walking around is the latest at Johns place so dont hesitate to explore his wonderful and exciting sim.

So it was fine for a while but today i got major lag again! I was standing on my hands for a long while, not able to land on my feet. So i looked at Debug and top scripts and what do I see? The Bees again!!! GOD! I Immediately went and killed them all! Has this bug woken up again? Sorry renter but its autumn and too cold for bees anyway :P

Edit; This morning i logged in to check the sim was alright and It was not. The bees are small and i had missed one of them! KILL KILL KILL!  Now the sim is restarted again and hopefully ok. But i think this bug need some more monitoring…


10 Comments to “Stings like a bee”

  1. John animals are wonderful! But the bee looks creepy.

  2. Hi, Mera–as you surmised its not the bees but some kind of bug that seems to occur in your Sim–you can see by the numbers that they are not supposed to be disruptive. I am bothered that this keeps occurring in your Sim–if you can get all the bees accounted for in your Sim–then wait, say a week, then i will replace them and we can see if the new bees trigger that nasty anomaly. In the meantime, each beekeeper kit contains a “dummy” queen that can be copied–she is not scripted so you can still have bees–just not the buzzing kind. I do have a new animation system that i am anxious to try so a new generation of bees will be forthcoming. Again, let me express my deepest apologies for you inconvenience.–John

    • No John! Dont worry! Its not your fault!!! xoxoxo its just this silly bug. And we are laffin our heads off Lea and I, its sort of too much u know that some tiny bees can do this LOL! =))) You have wonderful animals, the bees too! And sure we can try with different bees. But I think your bees is doing the grid a favor because they make the grid monkehs work harder :P

      (I know the figures are low but therefor they shouldnt show up at all. Strange!)


  3. well believe it or not i went and grabbed a bee and had myself a gander. The script that is currently in the bee is not one that i wrote ( I can write a little but barely)–the bee script is one that was modified and given to me–I’m going to grab a bee and see if i can write a script that will help the situation.

    Give me a few days–I also have Alaster’s excellent system and if my way doesn’t work we shall have a go at that one too.

    OH–to who ever owns the bees–make sure the textures are set 1.00 to 1.00–they probably wont look too creepy and i like the giant bee idea for Halloween.

  4. Mera you are tricking Tranq to come and do a bug fix (bug fix, wasps – Geddit??) at Midsomer sim. While he fixes, you prepare the duct tape, scissors, rubber gloves, blunt instruments and ‘The Basement of unmentionables’.

  5. hush Mera.. I got Jim doing fixes of mine that Ive had to wait for a very long time :p

  6. and Tranq is buried in the assert isue so he can get onto the Phys engine …. Bees on standby ;)

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