The safe way to visit African slums

Sometimes, too seldom im afraid, I explore in OsGrid. There is a lot of stunning and amazing sims on the grid so it deserves some exploring. Though its not easy to find them as search dont work that well. But there is an option on the homepage if you are logged in. To the right look at the menu “my grid tools” and then “users in world”. There you can see who is logged in (friends) and wich sims are populated. Thats a way to meet people and also find new sims to explore. Otherwise you can just jump around the map =)


African slums is an interesting sim to visit. Its nicely built with a lot of details. I almost felt the heat and was happy I couldnt smell it…

Talented Arcadia Asylum is the creator of the sim and stuff on it. There is a lot of nice freebies to copy on the sim too. She is very generous.

Near the gas station I found a yellow cab

But the cab was a Hypergrid gate in disguise! I clicked it and got a menu so i could TP myself to Astral grid and then back to OsGrid again. Awesome cab! If you pass by OsGrid dont miss this!

Have a great day, hugssss xxxxx


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