Proudly presents; my old garbage computer!

When you visit my sim in OsGrid it looks like this:

But actually you are here, in real life, atm in my summer cottage. Inside an old P4 XP comp with 1 core:

I found it in the garbage at home (true) and it works like a charm. Not much lag though the connection is a bit up and down here in the countryside compared to the city =)

You see the OsGrid software running on the screen above. Here is where you manage the sim. And this is how glamorous it looks behind the scenes ;)

You can download the software and use the tutorial here: OsGrid homepage

Good luck! It can be a bit of a hair tearing experience but when you have your sim running, its worth it =)

(Yes even if you gets totally bald in the process like Kate (Leannas blog)  ;)

One more thing to remember in OsGrid, you have to empty your trash via osgrid homepage under “account”. Its not possible in the clients atm. Everything comes back next time you log in if you try to trash it in the client. So I admit, this is NOTHING for spoiled old SL users to try, please stay in your comfort zone.  :]


2 Comments to “Proudly presents; my old garbage computer!”

  1. Looks great Mera! I will have to give this a try on my old one too. Enjoy the rest of your summer. :-)

    • Yes tis great fun! Though i dont spend a lot of time in Osgrid, i dont use the sim myself, inWorldz is enough for me. This is more or less for fun, no cost so no harm =)
      you too, take care and enjoy your summer <3<3

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