Small talk inWorldz

–  Leanna Caerndow: o oh have you seen the Alien avatar?
–  Mera K: ah that one i have seen that hahah cutie pie! :))
–  Leanna Caerndow giggles, lovely face huh

–  Mera K: Is Bradd forcing u to wear that when he is offline?
–  Mera K: the little misogyn
–  Leanna Caerndow: LOL!!
–  Mera K: and who has eaten British Meeroo?



@BritishMeeroo London
Cute, doe eyed, furry, and unmistakeably British…. Follow him on Twitter for some tasty Tweets ;)

–  Mera K: im innocent
–  Leanna Caerndow: XD me too!
–  Mera K: =)
–  Mera K: i wish i wasn´t though
–  Mera K: i like a good bbq
–  Leanna Caerndow: lol I bet he was tasty
–  Mera K: yes, the juicy little critter
–  Leanna Caerndow: XD

After i scheduled this blog post British Meeroo turned up, alive and tasty! So no worries, we can still have our BBQ! *yay*


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