Fast easy and fun – how to get the ladies nekkid inWorldz


Its not as hard as you might think it is. Watch this:

–  Mera K: avatar rendering cost (ARC)
–  Kate Fiorell: ooohhhhhhhh
–  Mera K: how much your avie lags your comp
–  Kate Fiorell: I thougt you were taking abt book
–  Mera K: i have 626 now
–  Kate Fiorell: how to see?
–  Mera K: Lea 3787
–  Mera K: and you
–  Mera K: 150000!
–  Kate Fiorell: me??
–  Mera K: LOL!
–  Kate Fiorell: Why?
–  Leanna Caerndow: XD
–  Mera K: 2442
–  Kate Fiorell: ooohhhhhh.
–  Leanna Caerndow: I cause lag but only for myself :P
–  Kate Fiorell: tht must be becasue of my hair.. too many primmies..
–  Mera K: yes you say so ;)
–  Leanna Caerndow nods XD
–  Kate Fiorell: lol..
–  Leanna Caerndow: me and others *pouts*
–  Leanna Caerndow: we’ll never agree on that one Mera XD
–  Kate Fiorell: now?
–  Leanna Caerndow giggles
–  Mera K: well the dress is a lot too
–  Mera K: 1127
–  Kate Fiorell: se its half donw :D
–  Mera K: best to take it all off!
–  Mera K: yay!
–  Kate Fiorell: now?
–  Kate Fiorell: seriously?
–  Mera K: *S*
–  Mera K: u are fun Kate
–  Mera K: yes u are 1 now!

after.... I admit i didnt dare taking any pics ;)

–  Leanna Caerndow: she’s nekkid D:
–  Mera K: hahahah
–  Leanna Caerndow: what am I now?
–  Kate Fiorell: Oo
–  Kate Fiorell: NO!
–  Mera K: kate is lowest now!
–  Leanna Caerndow: and me?
–  Mera K: 1176 Lea
–  Mera K: off with your dress!
–  Leanna Caerndow: and now? XD
–  Mera K: 575
–  Mera K: ears!
–  Leanna Caerndow: nuuuuu
–  Kate Fiorell: lol
–  Mera Kranfel: so easy to get your clothes off, both of you, at the same time!
–  Mera K: =))
–  Kate Fiorell: LOL..
–  Leanna Caerndow snorts XD
To see what u have in arc choose advance menu, rendering – info displays – avatar rendering cost. Low arc is a good thing if you are on a weak computer or a slow connection.


8 Comments to “Fast easy and fun – how to get the ladies nekkid inWorldz”

  1. lol I guess I’m lucky you didn’t blog the chat we had last night *giggle*
    Humph @ ARC. Actually, it does make sense if high arc causes lag for yourself *and* others but…but…*covers ears* lalalaaaa I can’t hear you!! XD

    • @Lea; “humph” you said? =)) regarding “pixel humping” I promise i wont mention what u said, i admit i dont wanna have PETOF on my heels again :]

  2. and YOU said my risque whore song to Google was disgusting! FA!

  3. Lol… Bad gurlie.. WE was wearing dress.. but no primmies. BAD Mera!..Though it was fun..What happened yesterday!

    • @Kate; did i say “nekkid”?? naah that was Leanna! *blinks innocently* I was just trying to create a profound blog post about the importance of low arc. I would faint if I saw someone nekkid thats for sure :]

  4. Oh then no nekkid in your post name eh? Leanna said Nekkid? *tries to find Lea* .. profound? Oh yesh!.. very important discussion.. lol..

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