The fabulous two inWorldz!

Midsomer is now updated by Tranquillity Dexler and Jim Tarber! They fixed the problem of course! And fast. They discovered it was a gridwide bug that was triggered by Fudges sweet honey bees *lol*. Fudge was horrified when i told her but no worries, its not the bees fault. They just helped the awesome two to find the glitch =) So now they are going to roll out this wonderful update gridwide. Enjoy!

(read Jims comment on this post for more information!)

From Twitter; @TranquillityIW; The update @jimtarber just mastered took a cluster of regions from continuous 600k/sec down to 50 – 100k/sec. What an improvement.

Jim Tarber:@TranquillityIW that #InWorldz update should also help with large crowds and large-prim vehicles. Can’t wait to see it at a crowded event.

LOVE to you Jim and Tranq <3<3<3


14 Comments to “The fabulous two inWorldz!”

  1. I know Mera was pretty clear but let me confirm; there was absolutely nothing with the bees, or the script controlling them. They were in fact very very well-behaved. It was an old Open Sim bug exposed by the bees and the fact that there were many of them rezzed to amplify the problem. It was very fortunate that we were able to use the bees to reproduce the problem. We restored a full copy of Midsomer County on the InWorldz Beta grid, and then used that to debug and track down the problem. After it was corrected, we also discovered a second problem with avatar updates as well, and corrected that. This second fix should give us much lower network usage in crowds, resulting in much less laggy concerts and parties! I’m really looking forward to getting that build online in more regions. I’m not sure if Tranq plans to roll out this update grid-wide soon (like tonight) or if the plan is to give the Midsomer run a longer test, or even if we want to get more fixes into the next build or not. But regardless, Midsomer and the beta test regions are updated and these fixes will be available grid-wide soon.

  2. Oh GOD im honoured!! Midsomer and Fudges honey bees helped fix a nasty bug!! Jeezz this is awesome. And its so exciting and interesting to hear about how you solve problems you two.
    I dont know what to say, can someone help me create a Tranq and Jim statue for me to have on the square in Midsomer? =) <3<3<3

  3. That is very awesome and exciting indeed! We have the best grid monkeys ever!

  4. Huh so I guess that fairy pantie machine gun is a bad idea huh….. darn.. and I had just added fresh glitter…

    I’m soooo glad you guys figured this out! It was driving me nuts every time I went to Midsomer for the last few months, crazy insane lag and so out of the ordinary for InWorldz. Hooooray to @Tranquility and @TimTarber for solving the Busy Bees of Midsomer County Mystery!

  5. I meant JIMTarber… darn my typing.. sorry Jim!

  6. Glad to hear that the problem at Midsomer has been fixed (or at least in the Beta grid copy) betchya can’t wait for it to rolled out gridwide (with or without further testing) eh Mera?

    • @Jim and @Deson; the “real” Midsomer is fixed Des! Not just the Beta Midsomer yay! And Jim u haz a standing invitation to Midsomer of course as Tranq, our smexy monkehs =))

    • Deson, that version has been applied to Midsomer County on the main grid as well. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned the beta version because that does confuse the issue a bit, but it is on Midsomer on the main grid as well as a couple of other regions on the same server (I think).

      • Awesome Jim, and I don’t mind your mentioning the Beta version. It shows the steps you people were taking to fix things. It’s possible I may have misunderstood what I was reading. This is typical for a guy who’s got all the attention span of a Ferret on Acid. Yes, I use that joke in RL too. Gotten a lot of laughs from medical people. (chuckle)

        Glad to hear also it’s been rolled out as well on Midsomer on the main grid and a couple of other places as well.. Cool!!

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