Midsomer guest house invaded by soppy romantics

I was dancing in Midsomer County inWorldz the other day. I was having a small and private celebration of the opening of my Midsomer Guest house or Midsomer B & B! Sven joined me in the dance and we had a nice time as usual. He is a very pleasant man and I truly regret he closed his blog. It was my favourite!  =(

The sign for Midsomer Guest house is created by Leanna and i love it! Its truly Midsomer <3 The amazing house is built by Serblatt Burner as the bar beside it. Serblatt is irl atm so I decided to use the house as a guest house for former Midsomer residents and for some friends who has no home of their own. Everyone who lives in the house can rezz a couple of favourite things that fits in the house. As furnitures or something for the garden so they feel at home.

A little later Erestor and Gwenny came by and joined me in the dance. Gwen had a marvellous summer dress, she is a stunner! Both Erestor and Gwenny has their home in the new guest house. They are still soppy romantics after 4 years togheter! <3

Then Lady Sakai dropped by and harrassed me for me being gigantic and she is “normal” of course. The usual drama ;) Well its true, most avies are too tall. Why is that??


5 Comments to “Midsomer guest house invaded by soppy romantics”

  1. I missed the party :(
    But good to see you had fun <3
    And I hope Erestor and Gwenny will visit IW more often!

  2. Oooh wow what a wonderful idea for Midsomer. I really like that idea of a more communal house for the friends of Midsomer and neat that they can all add their touches to make it more a more personal space for them.

    Great job on the sign Leanna :) As always you keep on making such pretty things!

    Looks like the dance was lovely and a great way to warm the new house! Sorry I missed it.

    Mera I don’t know about avatar heights, mostly everyone just does their own thing and what they’re comfortable with. There’s always been “glamazons” type and more petite types and everything in between, but I wouldn’t think your av is too tall, not from what I’ve seen.. yeah you’re probably a little taller than my av, but it really works for you.

    Hugs <3

  3. those soppy people! i like sopping up left over marinara with bread after eating my favourite swedish meatball! yum! *wink*

  4. @Lea; And I missed your party at Midsomer this saturday! I was irl all day and not home until 1.30 AM…. but it was party irl so i dont complain. I hope you had fun!! huggsss!!

    @Boudica; thanks! <3<3

    @Ener; you make me feel like some sort of juicy tasty Meeroo! "O_O" *winks back* =)

  5. I think part of the gigantic might come from the fact that the middle setting (50) results in someone over 6 feet tall. Also check shoes (especially high heels) as well. For example I an 41 on the slider (have to double check that) and that translates to 6 feet tall and that’s not adding in such things as shoes etc.

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