They can “kill” you

This affects all who has a Google+ or Blogger ID. They are threatening to erase your identity online if its not your “real” one…..

But if your Blogger/google avatar name reminds of a RL name the risk is smaller. And its safest not to use Google+ at all if you want to keep your mail and blog. Because, if someone contacts Google+/Blogger and informs them that you are “fake” you might be removed… even your gmail and your blog can be deleted. Its enough that u have one enemy who wants to harm you for this to happen.

So its maybee wizer not to have all eggs in the same basket…..

Google’s gormless ‘no pseudonym’ policy | GrrlScientist | Science |

Ds I would never change back to Blogger from WordPress anyway. WordPress is so much better and the iPhone application is free and fab! Bloggers iPhone app costs money and doesnt work =(

Thanks Wizard Gynoid for the link! (Twitter)


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