Magical shopping

Mera in Midsomer County

This week i was worrying for 2 of my friends was missing from inWorldz. So I put on my Emo Lashes and decided to relieve my anxiety with some serious shopping. At Stellar by Lexi Morgan I always find stuff I like. Hair, tats, emo eye lashes (runs along the right cheek) and clothes are from Stellar except the bracelet and earring wich is from Peace Creations in Midsomer. The wonderful name necklace is a private gift from a private friend <3

But I wasn´t quite finished as I had Vesper Kling to tend to! He cant run around looking like a beach bum when it´s autumn and all.

Vesper, Midsomer County

At Brain Circuit Inc (BCI) i found really classy and well made clothes. Olivia Winterwolf creates amazing stuff! Victorian clothes and Steam punk accessories.

Olivia Winterwolf, Brain Circuit Inc

To top this I dragged Vesper along to Fashion Destiny to get him a new handsome hairstyle. Boudica is a fairly new hair designer inWorldz but she is amazing <3

I dont know if it was the magical shopping, but later this day I got to hear my friends was ok <3<3<3 huggs you! Ladies, this is for you: THE WORRYING KIND



Brain Circuit Inc;

Fashion Destiny hair;


3 Comments to “Magical shopping”

  1. *big hugs* and I agree about Bou, stellar and brain circuit, awesome designers!

  2. Very glad that you’ve heard back from your friends and everything is okay. *hugs*

    Awww thanks Leanna and Mera <3 and WOW Mera! Vesper is looking great! I may have to steal him away as my new dancing partner =)

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