“you appear to be already logged in”

Thats why i cant be inWorldz and answer all IM atm! I have tried several hours now, cleared cache and so on, with both my avies. I see in my IM that ppl see me online so i must be ghosted somewhere with BOTH of them! Jeezzz! No luck! So have fun (without me) back to Bollywood! =))


4 Comments to ““you appear to be already logged in””

  1. Oh, that’s why I saw you but got no response :(

    • Yes im sorry! =( But Tranq gave me the advice to log in directly to Idi or Midsomer. My start sim is a sandbox and i had got ghosted at that region. Now im fine =) I thought Midsomer had problem but she was fine 2 <3 I really love our founders, they always take their time to help <3<3<3

  2. Mera. Go to the website. Region Support. Click the button that says “Region Tools” Now Log in. Then Find the region you want on the list and click the Restart

    • Ty Lady! But last time i did that Lea was on the sim and i kicked her out., If i do it again im sure PETA will hunt me on all grids possible…. “O_O”

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