Hunting high and low inWorldz

Mera gave Kate an appel yesterday. Red and juicy. But was it healthy? And did Kate accept the apple? What is going to happen if Kate eats the apple?

Bradd seems to have been thinking twice about “throwing Kate in Vespers arms”. As he mentioned chastity belts yesterday when he saw the pic of Kate and a strange man on a platform…Is she going to elope?

And what motives does Mera have? Does she secretly pine for Sven herself and are using Vesper for her own benefits? Or does she have other incentives? There is a lot of questions here and will we ever get any answers?

So yesterday Lady Sakai got fed up by all this and threatened to hunt down Mera in any grid, quote comment; “Daum your down right ebil … dont make me come after you in what ever world your hiding in :p” so Mera quickly logged off. Is Lady planning a grid wide “Mera hunt”? She then went in to OsGrid but became white and couldnt TP!

So Mera went to Entropia instead. Started to run from Lady but ran into a large flock of apes! Ok the apes were a bit deadly but still it felt safer than to face Lady herself. ;)


6 Comments to “Hunting high and low inWorldz”

  1. OOh Snow White’s Witch – I used to have to hide that pic. when I was little.

  2. now now lets be fair … if the readers would kindly go to last blog post and see the “dear” Mera was hunting me round with nasty music we will get the full picture.
    And if youll all excuse me Ill be over setting up road blocks on the bridge and to be safe deploying some ships to keep the swedish away from the danish soil .. carry on!
    *feeds the nice monkeys*

    • @Lady; “Me? I’m dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest.
      Honestly. It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly… stupid. ~ CaptainJack Sparrow

      u mean i wasnt crystal clear in my blog???? Think someone can misunderstand me? Feed the monkehs haa? :]

  3. gah.. dont pull the Cap Jack card on me.. you know hes one of my weaknesses. Ill let him pass cos as we know hes dishonest and honest about being so… Now Dont try and dress up Vesper to imitate him, cos wont work. I can smell the real Cap Jack a mile away (litterally LOL)
    /me tosses you a hand full of crystals

    • ““The Immortal Captain Jack Sparrow.” It has such a lovely ring to it…”

      imitate?? Who´s imitating who u think? :}

      Crystals! Thankies!! I need that in Entropia =))

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