Family drama inWorldz

Participants in” the drama of Kate Fiorell”;

Kate Fiorell, awesome jewellery designer with a lot of pixie blood in her veins…

Leanna, twisted sister who tries hard to give an impression of being “sensible”…

Mera, evil stepmother

Zauber, big brother and dragon

Bradd; Brother in law and “the horned one” (with a goat/horse phobia)

Sven; Eligible bachelor, tech genious and a mother in law´s dream

Vesper, a mother in law´s nightmare (good for nothing)

I met Kate the other day and she was talking about her family inWorldz:

–  Kate Fiorell: Zauber is my brother now :D
–  Mera Kranfel: oh nice!
–  Mera Kranfel: good =))
–  Kate Fiorell: i like brothers. :D.. no problems..lolol
–  Mera Kranfel: <—- and you have an evil step mother
–  Mera Kranfel: soon we can have a family reunion =))
–  Kate Fiorell: OH never you are my sweet Mum2 :D. never evil..
–  Mera Kranfel: =))
–  Kate Fiorell: Oh sure. I will def have a get together :d
–  Mera Kranfel: then you can invite your “soon to be partner” Sven
–  Kate Fiorell: LOL>>
–  Mera Kranfel: a stepmothers dream
–  Kate Fiorell: One day Sven is gonna hear about this and hes gonna freak..LOL
–  Mera Kranfel: and “the stepmothers nightmare” Vesper what are you going to do with him?
–  Mera Kranfel: your secret lover?
–  Mera Kranfel: what a scandal!
–  Kate Fiorell: leave him.. sniffs..

What will happen to Sven? Does he have any chanse against “good for nothing” Vesper? Will Bradd and Zauber come to the resque? Brothers never like to see their sister in bad company… And what will twisted sister Leanna do about this? She has seen the worst of Vesper. Will she be able to get help from PETA and Miso? And what about the evil stepmother Mera? Will she sell out her step daughter to a bastard? Kate, dont accept any delicious apples from Mera! Anything can happen, the drama will continue.

(The pictures of Bradd and Kate is a loan from them, thanks!)


11 Comments to “Family drama inWorldz”

  1. and people wonder why I just collect the rent and then get out. *sighs* so peacefull at the beach ;)

  2. *giggles*
    Twisted Sister, huh? XD

  3. @Lady and @Lea; loves u both! xxxxx <3<3<3 =)) Collect rent and then leave? Why didnt I think of that? :O)

  4. Kate seems a very nice girl….

    • @Mermet; Yes she is a sweetheart! Thats why we have to save her from a “destiny worse than death” (read Vesper Kling). If only Sven could barge in on a white horse or something? “hint, hint” Sven ;)

  5. *crunches popcorn*

    “As prims through the hourglass, so go the days of our virtual lives…”


  6. Mera, It looks like a family affair. Actually I’m trying to push her into the arms of Vesper. I believe she needs someone low down and dirrty to sort her out XD

  7. /me stalks the evil stepmom. Bwaahaahaahaa. (evil laugh)

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