Why do nice gals always fall for the baddies?

–  Kate Fiorell: Kate Fiorell: LOL Mera is finding me a guy to partner. hehee..
–  Leanna Caerndow: LMAO ohhh dear
–  Mera Kranfel: my little Kate is going to marry, how romantic!
–  Kate Fiorell: Oh congrats whos the unlucky guy?
–  Kate Fiorell: *faints*
–  Kate Fiorell: Mom 1 is gonna think I am going mad. I am laughing so much..LOL
–  Kate Fiorell: OH I found the partner for me :D
–  Mera Kranfel: yes!!! =))
–  Kate Fiorell: Know who?
–  Mera Kranfel: Sven of course! He asked you yesterday and you said YES! (ok…friend request ;)
–  Kate Fiorell: His name is.. tada..Vesper Kling :D

The infamous Vesper Kling

–  Mera Kranfel: GOD!!! That one is not reliable…he´s just…Vesper ;)
–  Mera Kranfel: sort of a pirate he is
–  Kate Fiorell: and I love pirates :D
–  Kate Fiorell: I am gonna propose to him :D
–  Mera Kranfel: be aware! He might just say yes, he´s not the responsible kind ;)
–  Kate Fiorell: OOOOOHHH sighs.. when will he come on.. pines for Vesper..

–  Mera Kranfel: if you beg for him, he might just do that
–  Mera Kranfel: Vesper has a reputation – good that i closed my old blog……

Why do nice gals always go for the bad guys?

To be continued…………..TOMORROW!!


4 Comments to “Why do nice gals always fall for the baddies?”

  1. I’m going to discuss the topic of your post in an own post *determined*

    As for the rest: LOL!

    • @Leanna good! Kate needs all support she can get in this messy situation. Kates friends and family are now rushing in to support her. More about that tomorrow, stay tuned ;)

  2. @Kate always fall for the bad guys cos they rock your world! All I will say is if you want a rollercoaster adventure then hop on. If you want to knit sweaters and wear cardigans then erm… go for the nice blokes,

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