In avatar paradise?

First i saw this video:

-Ohh paradise, I thought and went head over heels to Next Island. It truly looked amazing!

I arranged my hair in two silly ponytails and got myself some nice clothes and a tan. (Although when i landed i lost all my “nice” clothes and ended up as ususal in a horrible outfit!) My daughter convinced me I should have pink eyes (?) well hrmm… Vacation here I come!

I “talked” to a bot when i landed and got this information:

So i decided to dig a little deeper into Next island and found this video…:

uhuu… hell…. too late =(

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7 Comments to “In avatar paradise?”

  1. Yes its more of a game than inWorldz is, yes definitely. But its sort of a mix. There is a community so you can just take a day off and only socialize and chat if you dont feel to be killed by animals =)) Its not roleplay, you have an avatar like in inWorldz.

  2. Lol Mera.. you seem to be attracted to Short, ugly and dangerous :D..

  3. yea but there is a point system I noticed and you cant change your avi to suit you can you ? I stay well away from game stuff and places I cant be myself ;)

  4. @Kate; something is pushing me… My subconcious… Mwahaha
    @Lady; not at all, I can have pink eyes as irl :]

  5. That looks scary when all I want is Peace and Love and soft music – too many dangerous beings in RL thanks .. rofl

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