If you dont have anything to hide why use an avatar?

There has been a lot of discussions about avatar identity and pseudonomity since Google+ started to erase avatar accounts. I have tried to understand the arguments against avatar identities on the internet but i fail big time. Bullying via avatars? People has always bullied each other regardless of real life or not. And its a minority that are abusive and they will always find ways to abuse others, regardless of avatar identity or not. To have an online id is a way to feel a bit safer “out there” for me and a lot of other people and our kids. Also for some people to discover new aspect of themselves, as I have too and Im grateful for that. I have evolved as a human being thanks to virtual worlds <3

My virtual home in OsGrid, Open Sweden

Before virtual world there was a lot of other “scary” stuff like books, radio and television. All has been “dangerous” for people when they were new. The authorities has always tried to control people like this. “Management by fear”. Before Google it was the church for example….

“Its dangerous to play games” they say. You will be a murderer if you play WOW. But before virtual worlds people played with doll houses and other stuff. They used their imagination. Often kids yes. But kids evolve thanks to they use their imagination. Grown up people often loose this ability and get stale. But in virtual worlds this ability can flourish again. Let it grow and you will evolve. You will get stupid if you just sit and watch TV. In virtual worlds you has to be active in some way. Thats a good thing. Dont let your brain fall asleep.

Romantic park in Midsomer County, inWorldz

If you dont have anything to hide why use an avatar? Dont fall for this. To use an avatar is every humans right and its nothing wrong with that. You are safer and you can explore things and use your imagination in ways you never can in “real life”. If Google and FB dont want us, then ban them, their loss. They dont deserve us. Let them have those fraidy middleclass people to play with, they cant handle us anyway. Because imagination and fantasy are dangerous to the power. They are afraid of everything they cant control. Dont let them own you.

Peace and love!


7 Comments to “If you dont have anything to hide why use an avatar?”

  1. Great post, I so agree! xx

  2. spot on for me! i discovered more of “me” and am now doing things i never would have without having an avatar – and i mean things in real life! it has carried over and my avatar fakey self has made the real me a better person (i don’t kick puppies anymore for example – kidding! *still kicks puppies*) =p

  3. @Lea; ty a lot! xoxoxo

    @Ener, tanks! Yes I feel a bit of a panic thinking of If I never would have found this… Strange, i also like to kick puppies! Birds of a feater flocks together ;)

  4. As far as having anything to hide? Not really. Sure I don’t go as a human. That’s my choice. Am I trying to hide (look wise) the RL me? yes and no. I prefer my avatars looks actually to my own RL me. But I’ve also slowly opened a door in my profile as far as the RL me (looks wise) goes. Just dig a little. However I think, act, and interact as I do in RL. There are the occasional aspect of RL me that I keep to myself but for the most part I’m an open book. I’d say about 95% so. It used to be that I’d be about 80% and the rest held tightly under control but I’ll admit over time, I’ve been loosening up more and more as far as opening up and climbing out of a shell. I’ve been the victim of much bullying in the past and it shades my past and I know this. It takes time but I’m learning it’s possible to break out.

    Durn it! What’s with the kicking puppies? If your gonna kick puppies use a horse shoe like I do! Amateurs I tell ya! (chuckle) (seriously not me ok. I wouldn’t do that although I admit recently I’ve wanted to kick a pony in RL. hehe)

  5. @Des; u are the sweetest pony <3

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