Smexy waitresses in the Nova grid

Last week Sven Idyll took me on a hypergrid adventure to the exciting grid Aurora/Nova (Im not sure about the name? I think you can use booth?) We jumped from OsGrid with our usual avies and took our inventory with us.

The Pandora sim was exciting with 2 moons. There was some freebies and we can take it with us to other grids. Nice feature!

Then we went by map to the sim Serenity. They had some shops and their own currency. Zloty i think it was? Its a common currency in Open Sim. They also had some freebies, as this waitress outfit. Hmm.. nothing for Mera to wear but maybee for Vesper to date? Who knows, he is not reliable that one  ;)

Dont be a coward! Take the jump!

HG address for Aurora;

Hypergrid Business about Aurora grid

Metaverse Traveller in Aurora


2 Comments to “Smexy waitresses in the Nova grid”

  1. Hey Mere!

    So you made the trip. Koooool!!!

    I will catch up with you somewhere before too long. Don’t forget the Aurora dev meeting on Saterdays. I usually make those.

    Thanks for the link too. I will add yours to mine first free moment I get.

    *hugs dat lil Vicking girl*


    • yay Gaga, made it! =)) Well im just a tourist in Aurora atm as I have a sim in both inworldz and OsGrid to take care of. So time will tell if i expand, its an exciting place indeed =)

      Thanks for linking! *huggss!*

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