Firestorm and a Close Encounter in OsGrid

Just a few friends online in inWorldz and later on the grid went down for a while so I went to OsGrid this Friday night and the sim Close Encounter. Every friday its a party here and this was awesome! A lot of nice peoples and I got a very warm welcome and some new friends. This is virtual world at their best! Dont get stuck in one world, explore new grids and your metaverse gets bigger =)

So if you wanna party on a friday night, see you at Close Encounter!

And yes I use Firestorm in OsGrid. Its awesome!!! I love this viewer.

EDIT: First you must open the viewer and go to preferences (without log in). Go to Advanced and check “allow Multiple viewers” then add this to your shourtcut under “properties” to be able to log in: add this at the end of “goal”: -loginuri -loginpage

(If you want to use the viewer in multiple grids make some copies of the icon with different settings)

As in this pic, although in swedish, sorry, but you may have some use of it i hope!:


9 Comments to “Firestorm and a Close Encounter in OsGrid”

  1. Is there anybody who can translate the place Mera illustrates here to mac?
    Where do I find it? It must be hiding somewhere in the long technical strings.
    I want to use my Firestorm when in Osgrid but even Firestorm support seemed puzzled…

  2. I saw someone a while back over on IDI using the Firestorm … have you tried it in IW ?

    • Lady; Sven Idyll tried it in iw and it doesnt work. Its sort of a V2 client and OsGrid is closer to second life in some areas technically than iW. Thats why Imp experimental dont work that well in iw either what i heard of…

  3. @Kandi; Did you try to make a copy of the client? (Du måste ha en genväg till programmet där du ändrar detta, u must make a shortcut first) then shift click and choose “egenskaper” or properties? Then paste this text above in the “mål” field. Mac must have something like this also??
    Otherwise Im sure our mac wizard Vanadis knows more about this! Ill try to ask around for you but i dont know that many using Mac… hope it solves cause Firestorm is awesome in Osgrid, though i crash sometimes when texturizing…

  4. For mac users:

    1) Open up the Apple-Script Editor
    Copy the text below and paste it. Please read the comments and find out what goes for your installation, paths and so on.

    2) Save it as an application, not script in any way. Then you can assign a new icon the to *.app-file that is is saved and name it “Firestorm-OSGrid” or what ever you like.

    ***** COPY FROM BELOW **********

    When done editing saves as an Application to run it neatly….
    do shell script “/Applications/SecondLife/ -loginuri -loginpage & killall”
    Change path to the path and that is valid on your system
    This is valid on my machine and the way I installed Firestorm

    ******* END OF SCRIPT ********

  5. Thanks for this post. It reminded me of how to do it the long way around but then when I started I discovered that now there is an easier way.
    Preferences>Advanced>Allow login to other grids
    click apply and ok. At the bottom you will find the drop down menu to choose the grid.
    I hope this is useful. :-) enjoy

    • Pink; Thanks for your comment! yes thats the easiest way! Im not sure this was possible from the beginning though? I learnt this way too and Im glad there are better options now :) I prefer to use different client in different grids cos of the mess up in cache otherwise.

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