Midsomer County 1 year today and I´m feeling blue…

Pic; Midsomer 1 aug 2010

I have been a bit tired of virtual worlds for a while but i wish to give a Happy birthday greeting to my sim anyway. She is 1 year old today and it feels like ages since i wrote this, and took those pictures 1 of august 2010;

“31 juli i got my own region inWorldz. Immediately I panicked. WHAT HAVE I DONE!! The sim is HUGE and I dont know what to do of it?? Jeeeeezzzz =O
1 aug i wake up early, still in a panicky state, and checked if I really was so unlucky so i really bought the sim (or was it a bad dream?).

Pic; Midsomer 1 aug 2010

But of course the sim was still there, lurking, a bit menacing it felt like. I am sure the sim was angry because I had no plan and it was empty and i didnt know what to do of it. I could almost hear it growl…”

“Next day I created some plants in psp, (its no cost to upload textures) Water lilys and banana plants. Then it struck me!! I am going to have a banana plantation/estate here! I have 30.000 prims and every plant is 3 prim so it is going to be 10.000 banana plants! No more empty sim and bananas for everyone, Yay!! =)) “

Pic; Midsomer 1 aug 2010

I will never regret this. A lot of water have been floating under the bridges since then. It has been an adventure building up this little world. Most of the adventures is in my old blog that I had to close, but I have it in my memory and its good memories. I wanted to create a community open to all my friends. Old ones and new ones. Where we could meet and have a nice chat and some fun. Nothing more complicated than that. And we have had great fun along the way, but also some sorrows.

This feels a bit like a turning point for me. I´v sort of done what i came to do and now what? Time will tell.  Maybee im just in a temporary hollow.

Pic; Midsomer spring/summer 2011

I will not have a birthday party in the middle of summer due to vacations. People seems to have other thingies to do IRL than spending time in virtual worlds atm. Bathing, barbequing, partying and cocktails and other boring stuff ;)

You are of course more than welcome (as usual!) to visit Midsomer inWorldz and give her (is it a “she”?) your best wishes.

Hugs, Mera


15 Comments to “Midsomer County 1 year today and I´m feeling blue…”

  1. Congrats to you and to Midsomer :)
    I can relate to the empty sim panic. I had similar to that in SL .. I say similar cos in SL I didnt have the funds to keep the sim all to myself. I had rented most of it out even before it had been delivered (only took a month ;) )
    Most of my Sim-owning life I had to rent out. I love making sims and I love seeing / hearing how excited ppl get to have their own little virtual space. So its all good.
    InWorldz is different. I can do projects. I just dont build as fast nor have the skills to create exactly what I need / want. Lucky that in InWorldz I know if I need help in some way technical I can ask (I dont often cos Im sure ppl will tire of me asking all the time LOL)
    I did sort of panic when I got the Estate regions from Gaius and Rosa. I thought “What the hell have I done now!?!?!” But its been ok.. slow renting on the residential front but that was to be expected.
    Oh and I still have three regions partly empty cos I havent had the build time I needed. but they are there patiently waiting cos they know I will get to them soon as I can. (Apprently mine is more patient than yours ? ;) )


    • Thanks Lady! If feels good to know i share my “emptysimpanic” feeling with somebody =))
      And it certainly feels good we dont have to panic to get renters asap due to high tiers as in SL. Of course we need renters, but we have a lot lower costs than SL sim owners…

      (Yes your sims seems a lot more easy going than my! She has a temper! ;)

  2. Feeling a bit tired of VWs is like life…. it comes in cycles….take a few days off and unwind , do other stuff, count your ears..etc…. you’ll soon start missing your beautiful sim again and come back with new ideas and new enthusiasm. All relationships are like this..:)))
    Big hugs and congratulations.

  3. I agree with soror. I know the feeling, sometimes you tired of virtual life as much as you’re getting tired of the unprofessionally run grid called Real Life. Take a few days off and do what you you used to do before you knew of VW. You will come back with fresh ideas and share your inspiration with us.
    I am proud to be your friend and a part of Midsomer <3

  4. @soror and @Leanna; Thanks!!! yes i know i will take some time off, it always works, wise ladies!

  5. Congrats blue lady :)

  6. w00t One Year! Grats! :)

  7. @Zayn; yay!! Thanks a lot! xoxoxoxo =)

  8. Congratulations Mera!

    I echo both your “empty-sim panic” and the good advice of soror & leanna; just take a break.

    Here’s an idea… a meeroo ranch! For breeding the tastiest meeroo…
    just a thought :D

    • Thanks a lot Miso! Yes I have spent a little less time this summer and it feels good. I was a litte burned out from my RL work too so I think that affects this 2…

      Meeroo ranch yay! The name, Meeraa Meeroo ranch? With all those prims we can have zillions of Meeroos. And you will be the celebrity chef at my classy restaurant on Midsomer *licks lips* :]
      xoxoxoxoxo <3

  9. :-) and Congratulations on keeping your little dream alive. Your Midsomer sim is simply lovely, warm and inviting. Relax and enjoy your summer. Hugs

  10. Happy Birthday Midsomer! One of my favorite places to visit in InWorldz =)

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