Invitation to soror nishi grand opening tonight!

– Jeri Rahja: another art sims done
– Jeri Rahja: Soror out did herself
– Jeri Rahja: and it is nothing like her usual stuff

Be there or be square! You can find an inviter with landmark on Midsomer county square.  Jeri Rahja is sponsor of this wonderful sim. Welcome!

Hugs! //Mera


3 Comments to “Invitation to soror nishi grand opening tonight!”

  1. I missed it ;(( – my computer went poof in flames – i am on a old one now just ordered a new computer – I heard it was a great party – we will just have to have many many others – to celebrate the great Build – I will have to persuade Soror to make some of her great headdresses for the Build and maybe have one as a give away and that people will have to look for the give away – humm sounds like fun huh – her headdresses are the very very best to say the least ;)

    Jeri Rahja

    • I agree Jeri! Thats a wonderful idea, a sort of a hunt =) Thanks a lot Jeri, as you are sponsoring those awesome events, you are amazing.

      I heard of your accident, thats awful!! Lucky it didnt get worse than it did and you are ok <3

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