Forget Mesh – Why I’ll stay with OpenSim

Forget Mesh – Why I’ll stay with OpenSim Prims at i live in science land

Mesh is awesome? Or is it just a “epic geek drool” feature?

My comment to Eners post (link above) was;

I agree. And im not sure that in this kind of worlds, graphic is that important. These are social worlds, chatrooms, for a lot of people.

Why are my kids preferring to play “Movie star planet” and “Minecraft” if graphic perfection is that important? I dont know.

Farmville is huge but the graphic is less than awesome. Is awesome graphic the solution to Second lifes problems? Or are other things like group chat, no chatlag, smooth simcrossings and that kind of stuff more important for most of the users? The low resolution game Minecraft is a major success without mesh, dont forget that. And its not a kids game, most players are grown ups.

Personally i like to build but i dont need photo realism. I got that irl thank u very much. So ill stay in open sim too”

[EDIT: I have sort of changed my mind after seeing a lot of mesh (link).…]

Im not very interested in Mesh. I prefer other features to work as physics, more avies on a sim and chat without lag as i mentioned in the comment. What do YOU think about mesh? Will this be a turning point for SL?

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11 Comments to “Forget Mesh – Why I’ll stay with OpenSim”

  1. i think mesh is overated and hyped. its just another way to make things, just as sculptys was when that came. ppl screamed prims will be history, sculptys will take over…did it happen? no!
    for landscaping mesh might be nice, other than that im just not interested.

  2. ^^ What She Said ^^

    (would be kinda fun to make a wonky cartoon city similar to the top pic *winks* )

    Shinies are nice but if you cant see em or crash constantly the shinies loose their luster :)

  3. @Vampi I agree, its hype and very overrated. Other worlds as Entropia already has that kind of meshy graphic and I wouldnt choose them for that reason anyway. As we say in sweden; if you are cutting the hair of the pig you get a lot of scream but very little wool…. #hype ;)

    Lady; Yay Lady that would be fun! Midsomer cartoon world? =)) And yes the possibilities are huge we get a lot of chaos before the awesomenesssauze mesh works properly =)

  4. Mesh looks interesting but reliable and less “lag” is obviously more important. A more moderate price levels for the regions would also provide more than mesh. It’s creative and social contacts that make Second Life unique.

  5. Have to agree. Mesh is a wonderful idea but from some of the comments (Lilith Heart case in point regarding equivalency) they have basically dropped the ball. To be honest, i rarely run at anything like a high graphics setting in any world unless I have something specific to do. Its a nice toy and can’t wait for the fur to fly when in flood all those collada thingies you can find all over.

  6. @Sven i agree..

    @Sirhc im the same. I have a high end quad core (at home not in my here on vacation!) and i dont use shadows or ultra graphics anyway =)


  7. I was excited about mesh and made a outfit called The Tigress. But someone asked me “if you’re walking around with a mesh skirt and someone isn’t using the Firestorm viewer, can they see the skirt” The answer is NO, you just see a ball and you are see through in the middle. So for now, I may just stick with prims & sculpted items. I did make the same outfit with a regular prim skirt, and it’s just as cute. I like the idea of prim, but people DO look silly walking around see through with a ball on their middle. LOL… just my observation :-)

  8. These wonky graphics create a kind of a lost style that many of us enjoyed back in the 80’s. Personally, I like the idea of mesh except that i think the process for creating and then importing can be daunting and dare i say–irritating. The reason for this is that there are multiple mesh standards and some work and some don’t. I like things the way they are, truth be told. For example, I went through the hell that is learning Blender and I was so proud that I made it as far as I did. THEN Blender redid its interface and whoop! There I am relearning the wheel.

    Mesh will become more viable for me when I see a more consistent and stable standard–OH and ALL viewers live together in peace as one–You have to make sure that there is something under the mesh clothes–which look as wonky as anything Farmville could come up with.

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