I never flirt, I wouldn´t know how to do

Boudica, Mera, Tranquillity, Mermet, Lady and Leanna

The 25 of july I had been a year and 1 day in inWorldz and I celebrated it by meeting my friends on Celestial Harmony on one of Leannas wonderful picnic blankets (Phoenix). This is what its all about for me. I can go to event now and then, but these metings are worth so much more. This is real meetings. Not like Google+ or Facebooks superficial status updates. No this is so close to a meeting in real life you can get. And we always have great fun, even though they always pick on me, poor innocent girl :`(

–  Mera K: are u shy Tranq? =)
–  Mera Kl: comfy cushions here
–  Lady Sakai: man ? .. where ? what ? . how ? . is he single ?
–  Mera K pats the cushions
–  Tranquillity Dexler: cant get caught on a blanket with all ladies. then we will have tranqgate

–  Boudica Destiny: Mera you know you have to use the couch for that
–  Lady Sakai: hahaha.. yea . ermm.. *looks at maturity rating and decides to zip it*
–  Leanna Caerndow coughs
–  Boudica Destiny winks
–  Mera K: you are stylish Tranq!
–  Mera K: handsome man
–  Leanna Caerndow: zomg Mera is flirting
–  Leanna Caerndow logs chat
–  Mera K: glasses! Nice!
–  Tranquillity Dexler: Thanks. I wasnt sure if the glasses went with this or not
–  Lady Sakai: when isnt Mera flirting..
–  Mera K: Flirting??
–  Lady Sakai: those swedish act soooo innocent blaming the dane for being pervies .. pffft :P
–  Mera K: i never flirt!
–  Boudica Destiny blinks at Mera
–  Mera K: i dunno how to do
–  Boudica Destiny: riiiiiight
–  Boudica Destiny falls over laughing


13 Comments to “I never flirt, I wouldn´t know how to do”

  1. Tranq, if your reading this, you may take comfort in the fact that later on I found myself in tiny form (pony) literally sitting in the middle of the blanket surrounded by the ladies. Just grin to yourself and enjoy it. (chuckle)

    • @Deson: You sat ON the blanket, yes, but you forgot to mention u also sat UNDER one of the ladies skirts :P

      • Not my fault! I’m innocent I tell you! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! (chuckle) She changed from a purpleish alien to a lady wearing a skirt and I was enveloped by it! (chuckle)

        • How unfortunate Deson!! But I didnt hear u complain :] <3

          • Well of course not. In my own defense (chuckle) I can honestly state that I didn’t mouselook while enveloped (albeit enveloped for a short time). Didn’t move either. I mean if I moved in the wrong direction then someone could accuse me of getting further under it right? And complain? a Lone tiny who’s only defense is his cuteness sitting on a blanket surrounded by ladies that could tear him apart? Are you nuts? No I didn’t complain….. gotta do this again sometime. (chuckle)

            Hoo boy I can see that this one is gonna generate some interesting commentary.

            • Deson; Bless! You know the problem with explanations is the more you try the worse it gets. Ay mouselook? :->

              But I LOVE small horses so I will stalk you everytime we have our meetings. If you are lucky one of us might wear a skirt next time too for you to get lost in :P <3

              • Yes, the digging myself deeper into a hole bit. Done it many times. Probably will do it in the future.

                As far as mouselook goes, look in your viewer in the “View ” category and look for something called mouslook. You suddenly find your self looking literally out of the eyes of your avatar. mouse turns you and arrow keys move you. I’ll have to check but i believe mouselook in tiny form makes for a very low to the ground view.

  2. You’re right Mera, sitting in that quiet, night forest round the fire was Real.

  3. Happy IW bday Mine.. smoooochies :D..


  4. I loved it and we should have it more often. Time zones are a problem and the fact that it’s summer. I guess we’ll meet again more often in autumn.

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