Down on the datafarm

I visited Second Life this monday to have a look at Misos last art project and vote on it; Down on the datafarm. This is spot on when we are in the middle of a heated discussion about pseudonomity, Facebook and Google+ banning avatar account (and even Crap Mariners real life account was removed!)

Thanks for the heads up Apmel!

You will find more information about the UWA competition and here: About UWA in SL

Wizard Gynoid and Mera Kranfel

Dont miss it! Its extremely interesting to see all this fab art. I met Wizzy when i visited and we walked around together. Its a huge place so you may not cover it in one visit. But its worth it. This is our future, we have to keep focused on what we are doing with it. We are going to find ourselves in the middle of Fahrenheit 451 if we dont take a step back soon. Great work Miso!! Read more about these issues in Misos blog.

Do we want this? Is it healthy to spread yourself and your real life data around the net? Once there, its there forever….

SlurL to Misos contribution:

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6 Responses to “Down on the datafarm”

  1. yup that’s me. and yup i agree, this is a brilliant work of art from the genius mind of miso susanowa, who also happens to be my friend. :D

  2. @Wizard; Yes she is brilliant, and so is you =) And I really like your posting “fake pride” =))

  3. eeek! Please forgive me Mera; I didn’t have your new blog on my list so I missed some things! And this was one of them!

    The strange thing about this piece is that this issue has concerned me for quite awhile; I get very aggravated filling out soooo many forms for this blog, that blog, avatar, world, email, twitter, this, that… so I had already been thinking (and talking about) these issues and started work on this piece at the beginning of July.

    I had only completed it (and was still studying it to see if it needed any finishing touches) about 12 hours before the Google+ #plusgate thing started… this made me feel like I was “on the Beam” with my Muse and made me very happy ^_^

    I am glad you liked it, and thank you for the post!

  4. ps: I’m not really a Senator in reallife!

  5. Miso; np xoxoxoxoxoxo im proud to have u as a friend <3

    DS naah u are too smart! ;)


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