This gives me goose bumps

Testing Phlox inworldz. Its hard to believe when u see it. This is the most amazing i have ever seen in a virtual world like this…. just look at this land racer:

inWorldz Tech blog

Virtual: Existing in essence or effect though not in actual fact”
Machine: A device having parts that perform or assist in performing any type of work” ~inWorldz tech blog


4 Responses to “This gives me goose bumps”

  1. holy crap, impressive!!!

    ps – nice on the blog theme (i have been away from home for two weeks and out of touch, nice job!)

  2. This thing is hawt! Me wants!

  3. @Ener; wb! Hope you had a nice vacation. Missed you! Thanks a lot and ty for linking 2! xxxxx =)

    @Boudica; Yesh! Me 2!! xoxo =)


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