Breaking news: Rod Humble exposed

Who´s this man?

This is sort of a Second Life watergate scandal, a drama of epic proportions. An avatar spotted this man irl and followed him. Yes it was Rod Humble as you can see, the Chief Executive Officer of Second Life.

Strange he could fool us for so long...

Next thing he was meeting up with beautyful acress Gillian from the X-files on some PR event… Amazing double play! He just edited his brows a bit and then Voilá! David goes Rod!

In fact he is just doing some background research for the X files in Second life! So forget meshy Meeroos and other  awesomesauze stuffies. You will only get a new episode of the X-files out of this… and dont forget its your Linden dollar that pays for it!

Rod aka David Duchovny is a well know actor

So Sorry! No mesh or any other updates for Second life. Rod Humble just “came out” as David Duchovny. All development money gone down the drain as David Duchovny has been working undercover as Rod Humble.

Disclaimer; you shouldnt believe all that is written in blogs. Especially not in this one. Ya know that don´t ya? ;)


2 Comments to “Breaking news: Rod Humble exposed”

  1. Oh, strange … I think you’re kidding when you say it’s for fun. This is to be examined … call in Mulder from The X-Files … or how do we do now?

    • Yes as i said, dont trust anything i write in this blog. Of course im not kidding! ;) I dunno what to do, how to proceed?

      May the force be with us “O_O”

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