You make my day <3

For a while i have been a bit tired of virtual worlds and this tragedy in Norway didnt make me feel better so to speak. We all get affected by things like this, even if we dont know any of the victims. So yesterday I was sulking on my sim and a friend said she had a surprise for me. She had bought me a horse! (The horse is from Rodeo Horses inWorldz on the sim Triton. It comes in a nekkid version, as in this pic, and a version with a beautyful saddle.)

So we took a long trekking tour around some beautyful sims and I felt revived. My horse was big and a bit on the fat side (but he has big wonderful kind eyes as you can see! =), so I was blocking the way all the time. We got us a lot of laughs on the way =)) My friend had a slimmer horse from another creator. But i choose this one because i love his eyes, even if he is a bit fat! =) Thanks a lot and crashtacklehugss for this wonderful gift <3<3<3

Shortly after this, another friend – Sven Idyll came by and cheered me up with his insane humour. He recommended me to detach my DO (Depression Override) and I managed to do so =) Billy also was a great friend that evening even if i didnt had time to speak a lot to him. But i know you are there for me <3

So the evening ended in a rather different mood than it started. I love you dearly my friends. You make my day (Big LOVE!).


6 Comments to “You make my day <3”

  1. awww, what an awesome Swedish meatball you are! no wonder you are my favourite Swedish meatball, you simply rock my world! =)

  2. oh, i hope i don’t smell like herring! o_O


    • well plain fresh herring, as you are, is fine! Its just the Baltic fermented Herring that has a bit of an awkward smell. you are too young to be fermented yet, wait til you get older…. mwaahha :P

  3. ha ha ha, fermented! eesh!!! =D

    well i love my favourite swedish meatball, even if the sauce is sloppy! =)

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