The magical sofa

I got me a new sofa from Phoenix, Leanna Caerndow, the other day. It has wonderful animations so we always seems to end up in this sofa. Its like magic =) Last night it was me, Bellona and Billy. The sofa has multi menues, i mean A LOT! Click on it and you get the menu.  You can use it as single, two persons or three.

Bellona and Billy as models for the cuddle-menu

Get your own sofa in Phoenix main shop;  (copy and paste in chat to tp!)

Later on Sven came by and we moved ourselves to the chairs outside by the shore. Midsomer is wonderful at night time! The sofa is located in one of the fishing booths in the shore so you are welcome to use it if you pass by Midsomer County, InWorldz. Welcome!


One Comment to “The magical sofa”

  1. Awwwww glad it worked XD

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