Skin magic

Sven Idyll, Blog Open Sweden has been experimenting with skin creating quite a while (see blog). It has been exciting to follow his attempt to create unique skins for women who dont wants to look like dolls. Today he gave me his last skin experiment. It was a skin that i could mody via appearance! Gosh this was fun!! You cant imagine how many options there are. With a skin like this you have a unique opportunity to create a unique avatar. And change its age! You can paint your nails and have freckles all over your body if you like =)

With “facial definition” for example i got a feeling of more reality looking at the avie. Sven is going to improve this skin before, eventually i hope, he will start to sell it inWorldz and in Second life. Thanks Sven I had great fun with this and im going to continue play around with it!

Next picture; i changed makeup a bit and lay in the sun for a while (1 sek ) so i got a suntan:


2 Comments to “Skin magic”

  1. Thanx Mera! Your testing gave me clues to things that need to be changed or improved. Some were things I had thought about before, but some comments were completely new to me. New version is coming!

  2. You dont have to thank me, it was great fun thank you! =)

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