Wiped out

“And if the wrong person gets hold of your information, they really can wreak havoc on you”

This has happened to me and it could happen to you. Be careful. And dont trust your irl “friends” either. Avoid spreading RL pictures on the net for the risk of facial recognition software.

Watch your back. Backstabbers can only get to you if you turn your back on them….

Read on: How to disappear completely

I moved my blog because I need some privacy, as we all do, and my real life stalker wont let me have that… I just want to write this blog for readers that appreciate what im writing and have an interest in the subject, and not just to get an oportunity to harm me.

You are free to spread this link to anyone interested in virtual worlds and link it in your own blog. It will take some time before I have all links and stuff in order here im afraid. Tell me if I have missed linking to your blog!

Welcome to my new blog! Hugssss! =)


4 Comments to “Wiped out”

  1. I’m sorry to hear that your having problems with a stalker. I truly am. I’ll update my links on my blog appropriately by removing the old one and placing in this one. Take care.

  2. Thanks sweetest Deson, yes I hope i will have some peace now…. thanks a lot! <3

  3. *hug* I finds you! And THANK YOU for that link above – very necessary; I will link it also.

  4. Thanks Miso *hugggssss* <3<3<3

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